According to Google,

TWANA is the name of a North American Indian Tribe and one of the 12 official languages of South Africa.  The name RHODES is most commonly associated with the “Rhodes Scholar”  the colonialist “Cecil Rhodes”, and the dearly beloved Fender RHODES.  Mix it all together and you get some kind of border- crossing indigenous-expansionist musical mélange that does indeed correctly describe:  Twana Rhodes.

She was born

in the former Comanche Indian Territory turned US Military Post in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Grew up on the Northern Side of the Mexican Border in El Paso,Texas, and is currently living directly on the Eastern Side of what once was, the Berlin Wall. 


in her career include studio productions with Richard Bona and Adam Holzman, recordings with Horace Parlan, sessions with Markus Stockhausen, and touring through Europe with a crazy ska band called THE BoB Color.  With the Twana Rhodes Band, she shared the spotlight with George Benson and Al Jarreau at the Stuttgart Jazz Open and has performed at the prestigious Jazz Baltica Festival in North Germany.


In 2007

Twana was invited by the famous Brazilan choreographer Ismael Ivo to perform in “Mercato del Corpo” a production for the opening of the Biennale in Venice, co-produced and moderated by the Italian celebrity Rosanna Cancellieri.


Her first passion

in life has always been music,  whether it be through the medium of Song, dance, writing, or performing.  To put it in her own words, “Music for me is a kind of god, a guide, a friend, a sanctuary and an absolutely intense power source.  I am ever thankful for the opportunity to feel and share and multiply that intensity.”

Twana’s philosophy  in life:

“just follow the road,
       and live your truth”

Favorite quotes: 
“the bridge will be there” – Susan L. Taylor,
“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there” - Rumi
“banat banat ban jai”